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Beyond Words - An Abstract View of Life

April 28th, 2014

Beyond Words - An Abstract View of Life

Welcome to my art blog.

As an artist, I have had ample opportunity to witness how people view and respond to abstract art. I have discovered that it is often very similar to how most people view and interact with life. Webster's New Pocket Dictionary defines 'abstract' as, "apart from material objects; not concrete." Yet, when people view abstract art, the first thing many of them do is try to find a concrete object that they can identify with. They try to make sense of it by controlling the experience, rather than just letting the art be what it is. I think this corresponds with our ever-present need to control life, instead of simply living it.

Intentionally or not, every piece of art communicates something to the viewer. My artwork is an expression of how I dance with the energy of life, being open to the wonder and mystery of it, and rejoicing in the power of it, all with a sense of gratitude, reverence and awe. Both in the creation of my work, and in your viewing it, there will be many different thoughts and interpretations. However, my intended message is always the same: Let your spirit soar!

When we stop trying to define, label, judge, or limit ourselves in any way, we tap into the vast, creative power that is our birthright. We connect with an infinite source of energy, wisdom and inspiration, not just for creating art, but for creating a joyful life. As we loosen our attachment to the concrete, material world, our spirit can rise above the suffering that comes from trying to control our life and begin to soar in the joy of actually living it.

My hope is that these essays and paintings will help you to view your life more abstractly, allowing you to open to the infinite possibilities for joy, peace and love that arise when you let your spirit soar.